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Why Do Poles Break?

Pole breakages can happen for many different reasons, mainly weather, flysheet tensioning or even when pitching the tent.

As a precaution:

  • Always make sure the pole ends are fully engaged into each other.
  • Do not force the poles too much or they could break. If it feels like you are forcing them, double check they are not snagging on anything.
  • Do not pull the poles through – push them. If your tent has poles connected by elastic, pulling them will serve only to separate them and make your job more difficult.
  • Whenever possible it is best for 2 people to erect tents, one to put the poles in place and one to support the pole while the ark is formed.
  • Undo all zips to allow air to flow through.
  • Tension the flysheet firmly, but remember not to over tighten it.
  • When it is windy make sure the flysheet is taught to avoid loose fabric flapping around.
  • Always carry a spare section or two and a repair sleeve.


Which Replacement Pole do I Need?

Firstly, you need to determine the material of the pole. There are 3 types of material commonly used for making poles:

Fiberglass: these are non-metallic poles used in dome or tunnel tents providing a flexible yet strong framework. If a fiberglass pole is damaged, normally an individual section can be replaced.

Alloy: these are a lightweight alternative to fiberglass, used for more technical tents. If an alloy pole is damaged normally an individual section can be replaced.

Steel: these are used on larger family tents which require a rigid framework. If a steel pole is damaged it will need a complete replacement pole.

The most common failure modes under excess loads are: steel poles tend to bend out of shape, fiberglass poles tend to fracture or split and alloy poles tend to bend or snap.

Secondly, you need to determine the size of a replacement pole and if an additional ferrule is required. Replacements are provided for individual pole sections which then can be inserted into the pole assembly.

The best way to establish the particular pole section required is to measure the broken pole section or an identical pole section if another is used on the tent.

Measure the diameter across the end of the pole in millimeters, the end without the ferrule, (there is no need to measure the length at this stage as the replacement pole sections are usually supplied oversize, designed to be cut down as required).

Most pole sections will have a ferrule (a sleeve into which the adjacent pole section fits when assembled) but end poles may have 2 ferrules or a protruding section which locates the pole end to the tent.

For a fiberglass end pole with 2 ferrules an additional ferrule will have to be ordered.

For an alloy pole the end section can generally be removed by unscrewing and reused (it is recommended you check to see if it can be removed before ordering but do not remove the elastic until you have the replacement pole).

Order the corresponding pole section based on the external diameter of the pole section, whether an extra ferrule or end section is required.

If the elastic holding the pole assembly is snapped, new elastic will be required. For fiberglass poles, a pole threader will also be required.


How do I Assemble the New Pole?

Disassemble the current pole assembly as follows:

  1. Undo (or if necessary cut off) the end knot on the elastic at the end nearest the broken section. For fiberglass poles, the knot may need to be hooked out from the end ferrule using a pole threader. For alloy poles the end section will need unscrewing. Release the elastic and pull back through pole sections to the broken section taking care to keep the pole sections in the correct order. Remove damaged section.

  2. Cut the new section to same length as damaged section using a hacksaw.

  3. Reassemble poles as follows: Replace broken section with new section. Feed the elastic through all the poles in the correct order and re-knot at end. For fiberglass poles use a pole threader to pull the elastic through the poles. For alloy poles pull the elastic through and pinch to relieve the tension on a length, long enough to slide through the next section (a pole threader is not required).


Khyam Flexi Dome – Main Pole Replacement

  1. Erect the tent on a clean hard surface and unhook the flysheet elastics from the underside of the locking joint on the damaged pole. Now take down the tent.

  2. Collapse the tent so that it forms a star shape on the ground. Release the Jam jar cap from the underside of the central hub.

  3. With the tent on the floor in its star shape, remove the bottom of the pole from the plastic foot by depressing the “Fir Tree” clips and pushing the pole back through the top of the grey pegging foot. (Please Note: on some models the foot is retained by a plastic ‘C’ clip).

  4. To release the top end of the pole from the central hub, first place a small piece of thick cardboard or a towel beneath the hub to prevent damage to the flysheet fabric.

  5. Lift the damaged pole upright so that it is perpendicular to the ground. Using the Joints to help grip, exert a downward force on the pole whilst gently moving the pole from side to side. This will release the 'T' bar on the pole end from the central hub.

  6. For the larger family models more force may be needed to release the pole end from the central hub. Ensuring that there is adequate protection between the hub and the flysheet and with the pole perpendicular to the hub (see previous step), give a sharp downwards tap on the end of the pole with a mallet. It is useful at this stage for a second person to hold the middle of the pole to prevent excessive flexing.

  7. To release the ‘T' bar from the hub, hold the open ended joint, twist the 'T' bar end of the pole from a horizontal to a vertical position to allow it to be withdrawn from the hub. Lock the joints in position to allow easy removal of the pole from the flysheet.

  8. Lock the joints on the replacement pole, slide the pole into the flysheet sleeves (starting with the bottom sleeve) ensuring that the ‘T’ bar pole end is passed through first. Now hook elastic on the back of the top joint and release locked joints.

  9. Hold the folded pole at the top joint and push the 'T' bar through the hub vertically and twist horizontally to enable it to pass through the hub (i.e. opposite of step 6).

  10. Allow the pole to twist back level into it’s proper position so that the 'T' bar is correctly aligned with the hub (At this stage ensure that the top joint is open facing the correct way with the elastic on the underside of the joint).

  11. With the tent still on the floor with the sleeves in their correct position, refit the bottom of the pole into the plastic foot.

  12. Finally, erect the tent to ensure everything is in its correct position.


How do I measure the pole?

What you need to measure the pole correctly:

  • Total Length of the pole run joined together.
  • Amount of sections in the pole run.
  • Diameter of the pole sections.

If your pole run has angles or straight reducer sections, please see diagram below on how to measure it.

PLEASE NOTE: Some pole runs consist of two different diameter pole sections. This will consist of thicker pole sections down either side and thinner pole sections across the top.


I can't see the pole brand I need?

If you cannot find the brand you are after on our website, you can get in touch with us using the contact form and we will advise on which one you need.


Do you sell Air Tubes for other brands?

We stock Vango, Khyam, Outdoor Revolution and Outwell specific air tubes. If we don’t have the specific air tube for your tent, we also stock Universal Tubes with the Dynamic Speed Valve or Boston Valve System, we can cut them to the size you require via our High Frequency Welding Machine.

If you require this type of service please contact us using the contact form and let us know your specific requirements. We will need the following information:

  • The overall length of the air tube from end to end.
  • The measurement from the end to the center of the valve.
  • The Diameter of the tube, either flat or inflated.


How can I return my item?

If you wish to return any goods please email or call our customer service line on 01455 239 999 within 14 days of delivery. You will need your order number and tell us why you'd like to return the goods. Before your return you will need to obtain a reference number from us before returning any goods.

If goods are faulty or the wrong item has been dispatched they can be returned for a full refund or an exchange (subject to availability of replacement). All goods returned will only be accepted with a Returns Reference Number. We will NOT refund your postage costs unless the item is faulty or there is an error with delivery.

If the goods have been dispatched as ordered and are not faulty, they can be returned for a refund. All returns must be organised within 14 days of receiving your order. It is your responsibility to post the items back to us if dissatisfied with the purchase unused, with their original packaging with labels and be accompanied by a copy of the Invoice.

Nothing in these conditions affects your statutory rights as a consumer. The payment method used for the purchase will be credited with the original purchase amount (less any delivery charge paid where appropriate).

Goods cannot be returned on the basis that they are unwanted or unsuitable if they have been used, are soiled, have an odor (eg. smoke) have been damaged as a result of misuse or are not in a clean and dry condition.


Can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel an order please email or call our customer service line on 01455 239 999 first with your order number and the reason why you wish to cancel the order.

You are free to cancel your order for any reason at any time prior to dispatching the goods to you for a full refund.

Once we have dispatched the goods, you have a statutory right, known as a ‘seven day cooling off period’ to cancel your order and get a full refund. If you wish to take advantage of this, you must cancel your order within 7 working days, starting the day you receive the goods and return them within 14 days.

Once we receive the goods back your refund will be issued and any delivery charges paid where applicable.

You will need a returns reference from us before returning any goods. Items must be unused, still have their original packaging and labels and be accompanied by a copy of the Invoice.

Nothing in these conditions affects your statutory rights as a consumer. The payment method used for the purchase will be credited with the original purchase amount (less any delivery charge paid where appropriate).


How long does it take for delivery?

For UK customers it is our aim to deliver all orders within five working days from when your order is placed, but in exceptional circumstances allow 14 days for delivery.

Express Delivery can be available for Next Working Day, which does NOT include Saturday and Sundays. Express Delivery includes orders placed between Monday to Thursday, if an order is placed on Friday before 12pm for Express Delivery it should be with you on Monday.

If an order is placed after 12pm on Friday, Saturday or Sunday it will not be dispatched until Monday, therefore it should be with you Tuesday. If an order is placed we can advise on your delivery status if you telephone our service helpline with your order number.


Do you dispatch internationally?

We can ship orders to Non-EU countries, but please email or call us on 01455 239 999 stating what you would like to order.

Please be aware that the shipping costs are based on the weight, dimensions and location of the delivery address. Only by giving us this information we will be able to give you a quote.

If you wish to go ahead with the quote, we can send you a PayPal invoice via email, which you can pay using a Credit/Debit Card or via the PayPal Account.

Please DO NOT send any credit or debit card details via email as this is not secure.


How long does it take for delivery?

Orders are dispatched either on the same day or the day after depending on custom services or if we need to manufacture your poles.

Our delivery times range from 1 to 6 days. We use Royal Mail Tracked services as well as DHL Express. The delivery time is based on the transit time of the service used.