Vango Omega 450 & Omega 450XL Tent Pole Repair Pack

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The Vango Omega 450 & Omega 450XL Tent Pole Repair Pack consists of 2 x 11mm and 1 x 9.5mm alloy pole sections all fitted with a ferrule and 1 length of elastic which measures 4 metres and will stretch to 7 metres approximately.

Usage: Ideal as an emergency repair kit or to replace broken sections within a pole run. Replacement alloy pole sections are supplied at a length of 60cm (including ferrule) so you may need to cut them to size with a junior hacksaw.

How do I Assemble the New Pole? 
Disassemble the current pole assembly as follows: 
• Hook the elastic holding pole sections at the end nearest the broken section and pull out so knot can be undone (or if necessary cut off) 
• Release the elastic and pull back through pole sections to the broken section taking care to keep the pole sections in the correct order. 
• Remove damaged section.

Cut the new section to same length as damaged section using a junior hacksaw.

Reassemble poles as follows: 
• Replace broken section with new section 
• Using a length of wire fixed to the end of the elastic (e.g. using tape) feed the elastic through all the poles in the correct order and re-knot at end. 


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