Universal Inflatable Air Inner Tube Bladder with Boston Valve

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It's always a good idea to keep a spare inner tube with you to ensure that your holiday doesn’t come to an abrupt end. However, they can be difficult to find which is why we offer a universal replacement, supplied at various different lengths to cover all of your needs, simply select from the drop down menu the length which most closely matches your original tube.

To fit the new tube, you will need to remove the old tube from the beam sleeve and replace with the new tube. Once the beam sleeve is zipped and secured with the zip tie provided, replace into the tent sleeve, inflate and you’ll be good to go!

Replacement tubes can be up to 50cm longer than the length of the sleeve, you will simply need to secure the valve in the correct location and fold back the excess before inflation. The housing sleeve will stop the tube from expanding any more than is required.

Important: These tubes are cut and sealed to order and will be non-returnable for this reason.

Tent Spares

Diameter: 10cm
Material: 100% TPU Tube
Valve Type: Boston Valve