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Storm Wash In Cleaner 1 Litre

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Technical gear cleaner for all outdoor gear and garments. Wash in, bath or a brush on product depending on item to be cleaned. This specially formulated cleaner for technical outer wear and equipment lifts contaminants from textile in preparation of a proofing without damaging the manufacturers original treatment. Being pH neutral it is safer to use at home and doesn't get affected by water types making it economical to use. 75ml is enough for one machine load and with the added benefit that it is suitable for all materials makes selection easy. If proofing is required for the textile this can be added in the same machine cycle, far less hassle than other products of this type and offering a hidden advantage and saving. Also ideal for the cleaning of larger items such as tents and covers in a diluted solution and applied with brush or sponge. 1 Litre bottle offers great value.

Usage: Suitable for all fabric types, waterproof garments and equipment, suitable for hard and soft water in a washing machine, hand wash or industrially.

Size: 1 Litre
Application: Clean

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