We offer a wide range of repairs to tents, poles and awnings, we can repair damages to the flysheet and rips to guy lines and hanging points. We can re-stitch seams and re-tape the repaired area for added strength. Please send us a picture of the damage for assessment and we will either respond with a quote for the repair or ask for further information if required.

Tents and Poles Repair Prices

If you cannot find the repair you require listed here then please call 01455 239 999 and we will do our best to help,

Services Prices Starting From
Tent Repair  
Repair Tears/Patches (Small Tent) £20
Repair Tears/Patches (Large Tent) £20
Mesh/Plastic Windows £50
Zip Slider £15
Straight Zip Repair  £30
Curved Zip Repair  £40
Replacement Eyelets/Pole Stop Webbings £10
Suter Test Fabric £10
Pole Sleeve Patch and Re-seal £20
Re-stitch Seams £20
Replace Multiple Peg Rubbers And Tag £5 each
Replace Just Peg Rubber £1 each
Pole Repair  
Replace and fit a Fibreglass Pole Section £8 (+£4 per section) / £5 per run If multiple pole runs (+£4 per section)
Replace and fit an Alloy Pole Section £8 (+£6.50 per section) / £5 per run If multiple pole runs (+£6.50 per section)
Replace Shock Cord £5



If would like to send an item into us, you can generally get the best prices here:


Return shipping usually starts at £7.50 to a UK mainland address.