Pole Elastic & Threading Tool

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The Tent Pole Elastic is 4m long (approx) which will stretch to fit a 7m (approx) pole. Strong purpose made elastic. The Wire Pole Elastic Threader is a length of steel wire with a sharp hook on one end used to re-thread pole elastic.


Usage: Both items are used to help re-string your damaged tent poles back together. The Pole Elastic Threader is a must for all fibreglass elastic pole re-threading simply put the hook through the elastic and feed into the poles. When the elastic is fully threaded tie a knot on the end. (The threader is ideal for hooking the elastics out from the end of poles).


How do I Assemble the New Pole?

Disassemble the current pole assembly as follows:

• Hook the elastic holding pole sections at the end nearest the broken section and pull out so knot can be undone (or if necessary cut off). 

• Release the elastic and pull back through pole sections to the broken section taking care to keep the pole sections in the correct order. 

• Remove damaged section.


Cut the new section to same length as damaged section using a hacksaw. 


Reassemble poles as follows:

• Replace broken section with new section. 

• Using a length of wire fixed to the end of the elastic (e.g. using tape) feed the elastic through all the poles in the correct order and re-knot at end.


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    Posted by Victoria Dow on 9th May 2019

    Great item, so easy to replace the elastic in the poles for our tent.
    We ordered more as spares so we have some to hand if the other poles elastic snaps