Pole Elastic & Threading Tool

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The Tent Pole Elastic is 4m long (approx) which will stretch to fit a 7m (approx) pole. Strong purpose made elastic. The Wire Pole Elastic Threader is a length of steel wire with a sharp hook on one end used to re-thread pole elastic.


Usage: Both items are used to help re-string your damaged tent poles back together. The Pole Elastic Threader is a must for all fibreglass elastic pole re-threading simply put the hook through the elastic and feed into the poles. When the elastic is fully threaded tie a knot on the end. (The threader is ideal for hooking the elastics out from the end of poles).


How do I Assemble the New Pole?

Disassemble the current pole assembly as follows:

• Hook the elastic holding pole sections at the end nearest the broken section and pull out so knot can be undone (or if necessary cut off). 

• Release the elastic and pull back through pole sections to the broken section taking care to keep the pole sections in the correct order. 

• Remove damaged section.


Cut the new section to same length as damaged section using a hacksaw. 


Reassemble poles as follows:

• Replace broken section with new section. 

• Using a length of wire fixed to the end of the elastic (e.g. using tape) feed the elastic through all the poles in the correct order and re-knot at end.

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