Khyam Ridgi-Dome 2nd Pole

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The Ridgi-Dome 2nd Pole is available in different sizes depending on which model you have. All models are listed below so you can check which pole you require:

Motordome Tailgate 2nd Pole (48cm):

• Tailgate
• Tailgate XL

Motordome Tourer 2nd Pole (60cm):
• Motordome Tourer 2017

Motordome 3m 2nd Pole (78cm):
• ScreenHub
• Motordome Dub Hub
• Motordome RV Hub
• Motordome Classic
• Motordome Sleeper
• Motordome Excelsior 780
• Motordome Sleeper Plus 780
• Chatsworth and Chatsworth Plus
• Harewood and Harewood Plus
• Screenhouse

Motordome 380 2nd Pole (84cm):
• Motordome Dub Hub XL
• Motordome Classic 380
• Motordome Sleeper 380