Khyam Dub Hub XL, Classic 380, Sleeper 380 & Hexadome Fibreglass 1st Pole

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A replacement first pole which fits into the central hub, it is suitable for the Dub Hub XL, Classic 380, Sleeper 380 and Hexadome. The top joint is molded onto the fibreglass pole for an easy replacement.

Replacing the First Pole
• To remove the pole, you will need to disconnect the pole from the aluminum second pole.
• Remove the lid from the bottom of the hub and support and protect the rest of the tent by placing something like a large roll of packing tape under the hub.
• Stand the first pole horizontal and tap it sharply with a mallet to knock the pole out of the hub, when the pole releases twist and remove it.
• Place the new pole in position and pull it over to a vertical position keeping the hub flat and the new pole should click into position automatically.

Tent Model:
Dub Hub XL/Classic 380/Sleeper 380/Hexadome
Pole Diameter: 19mm
Length: 104cm (end to end)
Colour: Grey
Weight: 0.5kg