Fiamma Organiser Toiletry (07515-01-)

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Fiamma has completely renewed the organiser line for 2017 to make it more attractive and modern. New optimisation of the spaces and the introduction of functional elements such as net pockets (Organizer S, Organizer Seat and Toiletry) and lower pocket with double compartment (Organizer S) to hold anything, gives the opportunity for more uses. Fiamma organisers optimise the space inside the vehicle increasing the order and the loading capacity and providing a practical advantage for the whole family. Made of strong resin polyester UV resistant, so as to be used also out of the vehicle. When closed they take up very little space.

• Container for bathroom essentials
• Ideal for all the family
• Practical handle for eay carrying when closed

Fiamma Product Code: 07515-01-
Dimensions: Open: 30 x 37 x 11cm Close: 30 x 118 x 11cm
Number of Pockets: 10
Weight: 0.6kg