Fiamma 31 LED Awning Light (98655-848)

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External LED light for awnings. Made of solid painted aluminium. It includes 31 LED lights that emit intense white light that do not overheat; they are designed for internal and external use and are low wattage. You can fix them under the case of the awning or above the entrance door. It can also be installed inside the vehicle under cabinets. Complete with elegant plastic end caps.

Fiamma Product Code: 98655-848
Material: Solid painted aluminium
LED Colour: Cold White
Light Cone Angle: 60 °
Lux/1M: 160
N° LED: 31
Tension: 12 V
Absorbtion: 0,33 A
Absorbed Power: 3,1 W
Weight: 0.4kg
Quantity: Sold Individually