Vango Sonoma 350 & II 350 Awning, Replacement Main Beam Air Tube 650cm 2017-2018

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It’s always a good idea to keep a spare AirSpeed tube with you to ensure that your holiday doesn’t come to an abrupt end. Vango never comprise on quality, so you can feel confident that these products have been thoroughly tested and are built to Vango’s exacting standards. The AirSpeed tubes are quick and easy to change, so that you can carry on with your camping holiday as soon as possible! Simply remove the old tube from the beam sleeve and replace with the new tube. Once the beam sleeve is zipped and secured, replace into the tent sleeve, inflate and you can get back to enjoying your holiday, as quick as that!

Suitable for the following product codes: AWMSONOMAC3Y172, AWNSONOMAG3J172

Replacement tubes may be supplied a little longer than the beam sleeve length, in some cases the replacement tube may be slightly longer and wider than your original (typically 10-30cm longer). You will simply need to secure the valve in the correct location and fold back the excess before inflation, the housing sleeve will stop the tube from expanding any more than is required.

Tent Model: Sonoma 350/Sonoma II 350
Year: 2017-2018
Diameter: 13cm
Length: 650cm
Length to Valve: 95cm
Valve Colour: Grey

How To Replace Your AirBeam Tube:

If you are unsure which replacement tube you need then please give us a call on 01455 239 999, we will be happy to help.