Skandika Esbjerg Travel 4 Awning Tent Pole Repair Pack

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A repair kit for the poles of the Skandika Esbjerg Travel 4 Awning. These replacement fibreglass sections will be supplied longer than required and will need to be cut down to size with a junior hacksaw. Ideal as an emergency repair kit or to replace broken sections within a pole run.

Consists of:
• 3 x 13mm (12.7mm) and 1 x 6.9mm Fibreglass pole sections, all fitted with a metal ferrule
• 1 Length of shock cord elastic which measures 4m and will stretch to 7m approx.
• Threading Tool which is a steel wire with a sharp hook on one end, used to re-thread the elastic

Tent Model: Esbjerg Travel 4
Material: Fibreglass
Pole Diameter: 13mm/6.9mm
Pole Length: 68.5cm (inc. ferrule)
Colour: Black