Fiamma Turbo Vent with Thermostat - White (03623F01-)

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Turbo vent that allows you to save up to 50% electricity, thanks to a new electronic circuit board. Turbo Vent is silent at high speed and exceptionally quiet on its low speed. Turbo Vent can be used to bring air in to the vehicle or take air out of the vehicle. The Turbo-Vent has a large 10 blade fan with 12V DC variable speed motor. It changes and refreshes the air inside your vehicle within seconds. The electric circuit ensures a rapid, problem-free, change of rotation while the transparent grating permits maximum air circulation and filters light.


Fiamma Product Code: 03623F01-
Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm
Tension: 12 Vcc
Absorbed Power: 36 W
Max Air Flow: 35 m3/min
Fan Diameter: 300 mm
Permanent Air Flow: 80 cm2
Certificates: ABE 19330 E24 10R-030530
Thermostat: Standard
Rollo-Vent: Optional
Spoiler Universal: Optional
Thermo-Vent 40: Optional
Fan Speed: Variable
Outer Frame: White
Inner Frame: Ivory
Cover: White
Weight: 4.6kg