2.5mm Pole Elastic & Threading Tool

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This kit includes a replacement pole elastic and a threading tool which are designed to help you re-string your damaged tent poles back together. The pole elastic is 4m long (approx.) and will stretch to roughly 7m. This strong purpose made elastic has a thickness of 2.5mm and is best used with fibreglass and durawrap poles with a diameter of between 6.9mm and 8.5mm. The threading tool is a length of steel wire with a sharp hook on one end and is an essential tool to help re-thread the pole elastic.

How to Use
Simply tie a knot in one end of the elastic and squeeze the elastic into the hook on the opposite end. You can then start feeding the threading tool through each pole section. When the elastic is fully threaded, you can unhook the elastic from the hook ensuring you hold onto the elastic tight. You will then need to tie a knot ensuring that you have ensure tension in the elastic and you can then release the elastic.

Thickness: 2.5mm
Length: 4m (stretching to 7m)
Colour: Colour may vary