Nomad Dogon 2 & Dogon 3 Polycotton Canopy - Twill

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  • Nomad Dogon 2 & Dogon 3 Polycotton Canopy - Twill
  • Nomad Dogon 2 & Dogon 3 Polycotton Canopy - Twill
  • Nomad Dogon 2 & Dogon 3 Polycotton Canopy - Twill
  • Nomad Dogon 2 & Dogon 3 Polycotton Canopy - Twill


Welcome to Nomad, one of Europe’s best camping brands!

Nomad have an incredible reputation for their high quality and attention to detail on all of their product. Being the largest brand in the Netherlands, where camping is almost a religion and customers expect a top quality tent which will last for many years.

In the UK, tents are manufactured to fit a price, which quite often results in reduced quality, but with Nomad you get a tent which is made to the highest specification and quality first so that you know you are getting the best possible tent to make your camping experience totally amazing for years to come.

The benefits of this Technical Cotton are: 1.Comfortable climate control: the highly breathable fabric provides cooling temperature, even in very warm climates. 2. 100% Waterproof: the natural fabric is not coated but, as you may expect from a tent, keeps rain out. Even under heavy conditions, Poly-cotton tents will breathe comfortably and reduces condensation. The canvas has a water repellent treatment which shrugs off the first drops. 3. Durable: the long-lasting fabric resists UV radiation damage caused by the sunlight, expanding he lifetime of the tent with many years.

This canopy is especially tailored to fit the Dogon 2 or Dogon 3 Technical Cotton tent. It increases your living space and protects you from both the sun and rain.

Includes: Carry Bags with separate stuffsacks.

• Zips on to the Dogon 2 or Dogon 3 tent
• Offers sun and rain protection
• Anti leak zipper construction
• Sturdy 25mm webbing straps at the front


Flysheet: Non-coated, breathable, water-repellent Technical Cotton (T/C) 65% polyester & 35% cotton
Poles: 16mm Aluminium
Pegs: Aluminium V-shaped 18cm / pins
Guy Lines: Nylon string / 25mm Nylon webbing
Style: Tunnel
Colour: Twill
Packed Size: 66 x 16cm
Weight: 3.3kg

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